Résumé Templates

As you develop your résumé during (and after) the Career Conference, you might find it helpful to use one of these samples as a "template".

Simply open the link to the sample, click "save as", and save it in your personal files.  Then, type over the information in the sample with your correct information, modifying and changing the format as you go along.

And, please note:  ANY sample can be used for ANY major.  You should pick the one you like best, regardless of the major of the person on the sample.

Computer Science graduate, internships, some experience



Computer Science student, no experience



New student, no professional experience



Language student, academic format, internship experience



Liberal arts, Mass Com major, recent graduate



Liberal arts, English major, nice format



General, non-Principia, strong profile



Special major, strong academic credentials, 2 pages

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