Dr. Joe Ritter

Dean of Academics; Professor
PhD, University of Delaware
MS, University of Delaware
BS, University of Illinois

Dr. Joe Ritter joined the faculty in 1995 as an assistant professor of chemistry, attaining the rank of professor a decade later. He has served as chair of the Chemistry Department, director of the Engineering Science Program, and faculty advisor to the Principia College Solar Car Project. A longtime faculty mentor with invaluable experience and irrepressible enthusiasm for project-based learning, he assumed the post of assistant dean of academics in 2008.

Before coming to Principia, Dr. Ritter earned a BS in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois and a PhD in chemical engineering, along with an MS in computer and information science, from the University of Delaware. In 1989, he joined the Amoco Oil Research and Development Department in Naperville, Illinois, where he worked in artificial intelligence and directed the cooperative education program. In 1992, he moved to the Whiting (Indiana) Refinery as a process control engineer and, later, an operations engineer.

“Education . . . means the unfolding of individual capabilities along all right lines, physical, mental, moral, and spiritual. It should begin with infancy and go on eternally.”