Brian McCauley

Dean of Enrollment Management
EdM, Boston University

Brian McCauley joined the administration in 2008 as the College’s first dean of enrollment management. A graduate of Principia, McCauley has more than 30 years of experience in government, business, and education. As assistant to the governor of Washington, McCauley was responsible for overseeing the affairs of seventeen state agencies and played major roles in eight gubernatorial and senatorial campaigns. Later, he became managing publisher of The Christian Science Monitor, where he led all business operations and implemented new strategies for growing the circulation of this internationally recognized, Pulitzer-Prize-winning newspaper.

An entrepreneur at heart, McCauley also co-founded two companies in the satellite television business. In addition, he taught for five years at Dexter School, an independent school for boys in Brookline, Massachusetts. Along with his undergraduate degree in communications management, McCauley holds an EdM in curriculum and teaching, with a focus on character education, from Boston University.


Education is that which means the unfolding of individual capabilities along all right lines, physical, mental, moral, and spiritual. It should begin with infancy and go on eternally.