Dr. Heather Martin

Assistant Professor of Religion
Department Chair
PhD, Baylor University
MDiv, Boston University School of Theology
BS, Skidmore College


Heather Martin was appointed to Principia’s Religion faculty in 2012.  Her area of scholarly interest and research is religion and literature, in particular spiritual biography and autobiography; the history of Christian theology; theology and film; and theopoetics.

Dr. Martin’s dissertation, “Jack Clemo's Vocation to Evangelical Poetry and Erotic Marriage: An Examination of his Poems of Personal Tribute and Critique,” seeks to reclaim Cornwall’s Jack Clemo as an important minor poet. In her work she demonstrates how Mr. Clemo’s twin vocation to evangelical poetry and erotic Christian marriage frames the subjects of his dramatic monologues and portrait poems, and that, in turn, these subjects create a personal literary context that both reflects and transforms his pursuit of his divine calling.  Martin’s research on Clemo helps to fill a current gap in the scholarship on the poetics of nonconformity, as her research affirms that English aesthetics are almost exclusively devoted to the dominant Anglican tradition. Much of her dissertation research was conducted at the University of Exeter in Cornwall.

Martin has presented her work to both specialized and interdisciplinary audiences at the regional, national, and international level on topics ranging from the Quran to eco-criticism to Jack Clemo, all grounded in a theological framework. She is a member of the Modern Language Association, the American Academy of Religion, the Popular Culture Association, and Christianity and Literature.


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