Entertainment for Students

(REVISED Nov 2011)

To foster interaction with students in an informal setting, faculty and staff are encouraged to invite students to their homes or take them out for a meal in a restaurant.  Principia provides reimbursement for this type of activity year-round (breaks, as well as academic terms) through Dining Services.  Please understand that this practice is intended to cover full meals and not snacks or desserts. 

In order to receive reimbursement for social meals with students, please follow this process:

1.   Please use the tax exempt cards when buying meals for students.  We will not be able to reimburse the tax part of the receipt.  If the organization will not accept the tax exempt card, please make note of it when turning in your paperwork.

2.  When eating at restaurants, please keep student meals on a separate receipt from yours. We only reimburse for the students’ food.

3. When buying at retail/grocery stores, please send in the entire original receipt.  We only reimburse for food items.

4.  Give Carol Davidson in an I/O envelope or in person your receipts, a list of the students whom you hosted, and any other important information that will enable us to reimburse you as soon as possible. Please include first and last names of the students along with their ID numbers. We also will need your Principa ID number in order to complete the Check Request form.                       

*Please note that reimbursements cannot be given without receipts. Receipts must have dates and times/meal periods.

 5. Reimbursements need to be turned in within the month of the activity. If students are entertained in June, reimbursement paperwork needs to be turned in before June 30th.

6. When entertaining students, reimbursement up to the following amounts will be given:

                                                                        Breakfast         Lunch              Dinner

                        Home Cooked Meal                $3.00               $4.00               $6.50

                        Restaurant Meal                      $4.00               $6.50               $9.00

If requesting funds through Dining Services, please keep in mind this funding is meant for social purposes, to help students get acquainted with faculty/staff and other students in a more casual setting.  This service is not intended to fund normal department, class, program, team, house or house board activities, whether they occur during or at the end of the quarter or the year.  Support for these activities should come from departmental or house funds.

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