Principia College Dining Services is happy to provide a catering service to the College community. We define catering as any food needs that cannot be satisfied by the Scramble Room, Faculty/Staff Dining Room, or the Piasa Pub.

We are ready and willing to make your catered event the best it can be.

This site is meant to help guide and give suggestions, and to be used as a tool to help create the type of occasion you wish to host.

Please bookmark this site and use it as your need arises.

Dining Services will negotiate the prices based on adjusted menus.

How do I use this service?


Note from Catherine Wiegand, Catering Manager:

We are fully booked between now and Commencement day. While we will consider all requests, please know that we may not be able to fulfill your order or can provide only part of it.

I may not always be in my office throughout the remainder of April and the first half of May, as it is a busy time for the Catering department. E-mail is the best way to contact me.:


Spring Semester 2014: dates with limited availability Spring Semester 2014: dates that are fully booked



  • Thursday - Sunday, April 24 - 27
  • Monday - Wednesday, April 28 - 30
  • Thursday - Sunday, May 1 - 4
  • Monday - Saturday, May 5 - 10



Summer Break 2014: dates with limited availability Summer Break 2014: dates that are fully booked


  • Sunday, May 11
  • Wednesday - Saturday, May 26 - 31
  • Monday - Sunday, June 2 - 8
  • Tuesday - Tuesday, June 10 - 24
  • Wednesday - Sunday, June 25 - 29 
  • Monday - Tuesday, May 12 - 13 
  • Sunday, June 1


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