Meet Zandrea Kaye-Duchesneau

Jordan, Ontario (Canada)

I'm majoring in music, but I am also interested in French, theatre, sociology, philosophy, English, and math. If I could have done a bunch of minors, I would have!

I have been involved in a lot of music activities such as Music at Davis, singing in an a cappella group, performing in a musical, participating in choir, joining the Variety Show, and soloing in church and CSO (the Christian Science Organization on campus). I’m also loving the opportunity to do community service at the women's shelter in Alton. I have been enjoying helping to plan Christian Science lectures on campus, and in the past I enjoyed participating on the CSO Outreach Committee. It’s hard to remember all the activities that Principia has offered me over the last four years. But these are definitely some of my favorite ones!

Principia highlight (so far):
The people here are really special, and I think forming lifelong friendships with such amazing people has really been a highlight for me.

Thoughts about Principia:
What I value most about Principia is the incredible mental environment here due to our foundation in Christian Science.